Sunday, June 21, 2020

So very happy to spend a day attending to this little guy and putting the news on the back burner. From the portfolio of Jackson in Surf City, 2020:

Best Father’s Day ever soon to kick into gear, as I hear Jackson in the next room, making the first sounds of waking up. I got this.

A great day ahead.

One of the sweetest things about Jackson is the connection he clearly feels with Pattie. He and I spent two wonderful hours together this morning, then Pattie came down at 8:30, and within a few minutes, this (which went on for about 10 minutes, in complete silence:

and since we are unlikely to be with him for his first birthday (July 28), we decided to have a pre-11-month birthday party instead. His first taste of chocolate cake was a resounding success, in both taste and finger-painting potential