Monday, June 15, 2020

Cannot wait to see this little guy in a few days!

Back in Greenville for appointments. Will return to the beach on Wednesday, eagerly awaiting our NYers arrival at some point on Thursday. The place is certainly ready for living, but the extra 24 hours will let us get a few more things ready–the one remaining room (my office/spare bdrm), outside faucets, a few more leaky-plumbing spots, set up a tv and get service turned on, etc. Hoping the weather’s nice enough on Wednesday for me to ride my bike down there but we’ll see..

Covid numbers keep rising her ein NC, and in many other places. Yet people seem intent on making precaution-taking into a political issue. I just don’t see the logic in anyone’s arguments about this. Am more certain that the fall will be all-online for us at ECU. If not at the beginning of the semester, then within a few weeks.

Going to see if i can finish up this little cello diversion today/tomorrow…really want to put that behind me, if possible, and move on to the setting of either Brasfield’s Renaissance or Marie Howe’s Limbo. Just not sure I’m ready to dig into the Cummings yet (“somewhere I have never travelled”).

Just a taste of a gray-sky walk yesterday.