Sunday, May 24, 2020

This Memorial Day weekend is making clear how much people are craving a return to ‘normal.’ Pictures everywhere of families on beaches, crowds at bars and restaurants, and more ‘normalcy.’

The desire to get back to work, to get business cranked up, to see the economy begin to recover, get some income going to pay bills…it’s all so very understandable. And, at the same time, the flouting of this pandemic’s presence among us will, I expect, lead to a terrifically horrid second wave in the months to come.

Even as the catastrophe of disease, economic ruin, an personal isolation have brought on the closing of the walls around us, the world’s weather patterns are just as frightening. Weather early hurrican-season events are emerging in the Atlantic, so are events in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Truly feels like apocalyptic times.

And yet, the need to spend time focusing on what’s within our control. The rebuilding of our deck (old one rotting away) is 99% complete, and I put up a bit of a sun shade yesterday. This will, i hope, allow us to use the deck during the afternoons, when the sun can make the deck surface too hot to step on. [Hoping this expands the available hours, allowing for afternoon yoga.] I don’t mind the afternoon heat, but the inability to lie on a mat or step barefoot on the deck is a bit of a shame, so hoping this will help.

On Monday we’ll have a gate put at the top of the stairs…in preparation and anticipation of visiting toddler(s) and puppies. Then, at some point during the coming week we’ll have the aging and falling-apart roof replaced. Tough time to be spending money, but a good time to be giving people work.

The morning began with heavy rains…

…but the sun’s emerged and a beautiful day’s expected. When the lawn dries I’ll pull out the mower and take a walk around the yard.

A wonderful video call with Joe, Cristin, and Jackson always lifts my spirits, and this morning’s call was no exception. Just so fabulous to see Jackson’s mobility surge, and his confidence at doing things that were a bit teetering just a few days ago. I’ve finally downloaded an app allowing me to record some of these calls, so am armed and ready for the next call.

Finally, after being home for five weeks, am genuinely glad to be here. Feeling good about the Greenville home projects improving things; and looking forward to getting close to moving back into Surf City. The summer now feels like it has possibilities beyond isolation.

I guess we’re feeling just about ready to join the “opening up” on our terms.