Sunday, May 17, 2020

A blissfully boring day. 

Chores around the house, yoga, writing, cooking. Readying to do some more cooking tomorrow for a social-distancing b-day party for a sis-in-law. What a relief to have a quiet day. 

As soon as the weather is a little nicer (doesn’t have to be great, but hope for slightly warmer water) Pattie and I will rent some tanks and go for a few dives in a quarry about an hour west of here.  That’s something we’re really looking forward to, but want to do it before the coming Memorial Day weekend, if possible.

Wasn’t completely able to avoid the reality of our time, though, as I did do little bits of thinking about fall teaching. And in reading this very persuasive essay, the fall’s appropriate teaching setting seems clear…one never knows how long administrators will think they’re fooling incoming students, but i sure hope they ultimately do the smart thing.