Saturday, May 9, 2020

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Another good read:

But the value of education, the value of educating the next generation, is not held high by American society, gov’t, businesses, indeed by those who espouse capitalism as a panacea to the world’s problems.  The values prioritized by the generation that went through the great depression and WWII are fading fast under vacuous leadership. 

Those of us in the field of education are effected, of course, but not nearly as much as those we’re charged to guide towards the future.  Of course, the pendulum will swing in the opposite direction over the next generation, but in the meantime a generation will fail to develop its resources.  I am very afraid for a country that is failing miserably at so much. 

We see strong and positive models around us, but these voices are not the strongest now, nor have they been for years now.  The loudest voices are those of hatred, exclusion, isolationism, finger-pointing, and no sense of the importance of independent thinking.