Saturday, May 16, 2020

Such a wild week, especially with that unexpected lay-off hitting close to home.  Thankfully, those closest to his work, those who know how good he and his work are, were surprised and angered at the layoff. So supportive of him that they immediately recommended him for good and available positions.  Within 24 hours of their offer to help, an interview happened this morning and, pending approval up the chain, an offer is likely this week.  We’ll see if this place’s hiring is effected in a way that will prohibit or forestall this delay, but the job seems a good one, with good compensation, and we’ll keep fingers crossed.

In the meantime, recruiters have been contacted and three of them are looking into openings in the south—specifically NC (Raleigh, Charlotte).  They’re sending messages that there are positions here in NC, but the process will take months, so all advise taking the position in hand, should the offer come in.

All of this in the past 5 days.

And here comes the first named storm of the season.  Hoping against hope that our Surf City place isn’t being finished only to be destroyed again.

And constant news of universities laying off scary numbers of faculty, staff, administrators.

So frightening, in so many ways, for so very many people.

Truly a wild ride over these past few days.  Today, a text from a friend led me to a youtube video of some great funk, and a super-tight band.  That led me down a rabbit hole to King Crimson, Robert Fripp, Frank Zappa, Tower of Power, Led Zeppelin, and so many more great bands.  A fun time, I must say, though surprised at how quickly a few hours disappeared…

The best news of all, a quick video shared by Cristin, as Jackson’s now not only crawling easily, but cruising!  We saw more of it on a video call with Joe this morning, and gosh that just makes our hearts sing.

Jackson cruises–a (little) man on the move!