Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day

Yesterday was a good day of chores, yoga, and even a bit of writing. Problems with the refrigerator fixed; lawn mowed, weeds wacked.

Very tired this morning. Even the Monday NYTimes crossword was hard; just not feeling sharp. But did just begin the dreaded process of prepping taxes for the accountant…the original plan of being back here late March before heading to Europe would have allowed gathering all those materials together by April 1. Not getting back until April 19 meant no access to important paperwork/forms. Thankfully the July 15 deadline means we aren’t late, but it’s time to get this out of the way, little by little.

I want to finish up this little ‘cello piece for Jason; I’ve really barely given it my attention over the past four weeks, but need to do so over the coming week. Then I’d like to move on to two more projects; the E. E. Cummings setting (link is to recording of Cummings himself reading the poem) for Rachel and Ari (Duo Cortona), and perhaps an arrangement of the slow movement of Aural History for small wind ensemble, per request from ECU’s Director of Bands, Bill Staub, a talent I’m very glad to know won the position when it opened.

The previous Director, Scott Carter, had a fabulously successful career and was a wonderful partner and colleague through many projects. And Bill, during his time as Director of Athletic Bands, has already repeatedly shown his ability and interest in doing the same. The position of Director of Bands, and the Band program (Covid-19 notwithstanding) is in good hands, for sure.

The idea of adapting the recitative movement for the band is an interesting one which i’d like to pursue. Haven’t yet given it too much thought, but enough to think it’s doable…