Wednesday, May 20, 2020

lots and lots and lots of rain…

Good news from the beach where, after being uninhabitable since early September, 2018, we’ve actually got a walk-through scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon. Hard to believe and, frankly, our expectations for seeing good, quality work are lower than low but…if we can get back in there, deep clean, get our furniture out of storage, start fixing whatever mess the crews leave, we’ll be very happy.

Numerous email exchanges today related to fall planning at work and, as seen on a ‘net meme, this summary seems spot on;

-we don’t know much
-what we know we can’t share just yet
-everything is going to change
-given the above, please make a plan.

A good survey of current thinking at this moment.

Turns out not everyone enjoys green beans…

Walking’s right around the corner!