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Wednesday, January 15

Oahu, day 4

Another early morning, as our dive in Honolulu at 9:30 meant leaving our spot before 8.  The trip is typically about 50-60’.  Alas, with bad traffic—truly as bad as anywhere I’ve ever been—we were a little late.  “No problems, brother, we’re on Hawai’I time,” was what we heard when we called at 9 to say we were stuck in a jam.

On the drive south to Honolulu, we saw glimpses of openings in the clouds, giving us hope that we might finally see the sun a bit before leaving Oahu.  In looking forward to the dive to come, Pattie and I both admitted some apprehension, and low expectations.  After yesterday’s shore dive, very young guide, and surge/current far beyond anything we’d dealt with before; we were not hoping for anything great.

We arrived about 10...

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Tuesday, January 14

Kahe Point Beach Park (Electric Beach)

We got up early to depart before 8am for our 9am dive at Electric Beach with ECO Divers.  A very small group (Pattie, me, and a young woman from Seattle, Celeste, who is a very experienced diver).  The guide, Kevin, was nice enough; a 2019 grad from Virginia Tech who moved to Oahu with his girlfriend to take a ‘gap year’ before pursuing grad studies.  Kevin is 22, and perhaps not the most experience guide we’ve had.

Equipment issues arose quickly as Kevin’s weight belt fell apart…Celeste’s weight belt didn’t fall apart until halfway through the dive.  Pattie and I did fine with equipment, though our regulators felt a bit ‘floppy’. 

This was a shore dive, our first, so wading into the water (rather than jumping off a boat) ...

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Monday, January 13

Hialewa, day 2

A bit less rain today, though still no full sun yet—perhaps not all week, it seems.

We headed south, to Honolulu, to take in the very popular hike up Diamondhead.  Heading into the state’s largest, and capital city took about an hour, with increasing traffic as we got closer.  [Highways are in good shape, but the other roads aren’t; lots of pothole dodging along the way.]

on the road, following the putzmeister

We parked at Kapi’olani community college near the base of Diamonhead, and strolled up to the main parking area.  Once one enters the main area, you’re inside the volcano’s crater.  The hike that follows is up to the rim.  It’s not a difficult hike, totaling less than 1.5 miles, I think, taking about 60-90 minutes...

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Sunday, January 12

Hialewa, day 1 (to be cont’d)

After yesterday’s early morning and long hours, no surprise that a long night’s sleep felt wonderful.  Waking to birds was nice; used to it in Greenville, but wasn’t aware of it in San Diego.  Nice breezes flowing through the open windows, the fans in the room helping avoid feeling too warm, and the bird song got me up well-rested and happy to get going.

Listening to the news on the HI public radio station made clear that this weather is really severe and unusual.  On the big island they’re dealing with heavy duty flash flood warnings, alerts of areas/roads to avoid for the next 24 hours, and more.  The weather here much easier—rain, but only .3” forecast, only 5 mph gusts—and I imagine we’ll enjoy a pretty nice day, albeit cloudy.

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Saturday, January 11

San Diego to Oahu (Hialewa, more precisely)

We got out of the apt with lots of time to spare.  Enjoyed the full moon, now setting, in a beautiful clear sky.  A great way to start the day, for sure.

moon setting…we’re heading to the bus

An easy walk to the bus, and the busses getting us to the airport in 45 minutes—more than 2 hours before our flight.

San Diego’s airport super-easy to navigate.  No line at all to check our bags; no line at all to get through security.  Sitting and enjoying a nice breakfast less than an hour after arriving at the airport. 

The flight was smooth and easy, albeit long. Hawaiian Airlines certainly showed everyone a great experience. All smiles, patience, efficiency, and humor...

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Friday, January 10

San Diego, final day

Getting ready for departure, taking last walks around the ‘hood to appreciate where we’ve been these past few weeks.  SD absolutely a place we’ve loved exploring; our ‘hood particularly conducive to getting around, and we’ve become comfortable with walking, driving, and the bus over these days.  We’ve taken in so many nice spots, so much scenery, gardens, houses, people, and some tourist attractions, but there are still things we’ll plan to hit on a return visit.

Before dinner, i had a bit of personal grooming to take care of…

…then we had dinner at Panchita’s; the same spot we had dinner our first night here.  Good food, and a delicious way to enjoy our final eats here.

Our walk home capped with the full moon’s rise over the horizo...

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Thursday, January 9

San Diego, Day 14

Not particularly good sleeping, and awake at 3.  Did get some productive writing done, but by 7 was nodding off at the table, so back to sleep for a few hours.

We are starting to feel the excitement of Saturday morning’s departure for HI, so little bits of planning for that.  A SCUBA trip in Kona, and an advanced certification class in Hilo, which will include five dives, and training in skills we can certainly use.  Excited for the underwater adventures ahead.

The weather was unusual for our time here; overcast, gray, rainy, windy, a bit cold, actually.  Pattie wanted to pick up a few things, so we did bundle up and walk around a bit. 

We hit the farmer’s market in the neighborhood and wished we were staying, to take advantage of all the varieties of ...

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Wednesday, January 8

San Diego, Day 13

Another easy, productive day.  The choral piece’s writing is coming along, slow but steady; but its writing is mirroring the poem’s form in a way I’ve not experienced before…writing certain repeated elements as individually developing units; perhaps creating parallel lines of development.  The curious part is really a matter of process, rather than content; a reflection of how my mind needs to mete out distinct materials, I think.  At any rate, it’s coming along pretty well, the last few days keeping most all of what I’ve written.

Work this morning followed by some correspondence with dive shops in Hilo, planning trips for a few weeks from now.  Another stroll, Pattie wanted to do a little shopping before we leave SD in just a few days...

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Tuesday, January 7

San Diego, Day 12

After a productive writing morning, a stroll around, today leading us from our North Park ‘hood into the South Park (yes) area of Burlingame. Some beautiful homes, gardens, and flora to be seen along the way

some flora a bit different than the usual

and then on to North Park Brewing Company for a nice beer and sausage dinner. 

North Park Beer Co. Living large.

A good day; productive morning; a relaxing and fun afternoon and evening. Truly a great day in the neighborhood.

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Monday, January 6

San Diego, Day 11

Relaxing at (what’s come to feel like) home.

Planning some activities for next stops—a fruit farm tour, some scuba trips, looking at pursuing a course with some advanced scuba, hikes.  And looking further into a future trip centered on scuba.

Much of the day’s start attending to matters related to the semester’s start at ECU.  Some last-minute changes in personnel for a program I direct require coordination of a number of people in different roles.  Everyone very cooperative and easy to work with, but all just need to be informed of changes, hear suggestions for new paths, etc.  It all went well, I think, and points to willingness of everyone to work together to both create things, as well as to solve problems...

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