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Friday, February 21

Maui, day 13

Last full day in Maui, and Pattie and I get to hang with Jackson through most of it. We also need to run some errands (i.e., sending home a bunch of things to assure we make weight on the next flight), and then a super treat in the afternoon–a dive into the tank at the Maui aquarium!

details to follow…

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Wednesday, February 19

Maui, day 11

Road to Hana

The day begins with this little guy’s smiles and laughs

A long day in the car, but a good one.  The weather held out nicely for us until about 2pm, when the rain became a bit steady and, at times, heavy.

Lots of pix to come…

Somewhere on the road to Hana…
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Tuesday, February 18

Maui, day 10

Up early to write, and feeling like “Let Them Not Say” is very close to finished.

Off to the “Hammerhead” dive.  A very rocky boat ride out to the dive site—capt said 9-10’ swells, and felt like a roller coast ride for about 45 minutes.  Thankful that I seem to have figured out the pre-boat ride regime (patch behind the ear the night before, anti-nausea pill in the morning, as well as meclizine), so not seasickness, at all.

The site is known as Rain Fish, and it’s clear why.  We descended over a reef absolutely teeming with fish.  Some schooling, but more just seemingly ‘raining’ through the water...

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Monday, February 17

Maui, day 9

Joe and Cristin had a big diving day today—morning and afternoon—so Pattie and I had a good day with Jackson.  He greeted me with smiles when he woke up, and was just plain fun all day long. 

Also got lots of headway done in planning time in Kauai, specifically four days of diving.

We hit the hay early, while Joe and Cristin went out for dinner, as the morning will bring time for some writing before we leave at 6:15am for our dive in Lahaina.

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Friday, February 14

Maui, day 6

Today’s a dive day, heading to see the “Lanai Cathedrals”.  We’ll do today’s dive with Lahaina Divers (same outfit as Wednesday) with Joe joining us, which will be fun.  Plan is for the dive, then lunch closer to Maui Dreams for our Nitrox class at 3.  Then Pattie and I will watch Jackson while Cristin and Joe enjoy a Valentine’s Day date nite.

Although i’m still clearly not using the correct filter for the GoPro, there is still some good video of the diving in the Cathedrals, some of the schooling fish, and even some friends who joined us on the ride back to shore.

Inside the Cathedrals
Pattie says “Hello” and “wish you were here”
Schooling fish
playing with the boat

After the dive we went in for our Nitrox class, where we learned the steps ne...

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Sunday, February 16

Maui, day 8

Nice that we all got to spend the day together today.  Since it was a two-tank shore dive, we all went and just switched off for the second dive.  Joe, Pattie, and I did the first dive; Joe, Cristin, and I did the second.  We dove the Olawalu site, which is really just about 20’ north of where we’re staying in Kihei. 

What made this dive different, and fun in new ways, was that these were dives with underwater scooters.  I didn’t know what to expect, so left my GoPro on shore…so you’ll simply have to believe me when I say we had a load of fun. 

The visibility wasn’t great near shore, but got much better as we moved away from shore, following a sand channel between mounds of coral...

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Thursday, February 13

Maui, day 5

Another fabulous day with Jackson, while Cristin and Joe went diving.  These days are really pure joy, focusing on the little things that Jackson does, little exhibits of his development, his personality, his humor.  He’s now sitting for long stretches (45-60’) and playing with anything within his reach.

warming up after a little swimming at the pool
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Wednesday, February 12

Maui, day 4

Molokini Crater, inside and backwall side

An early morning for us, as we needed to be in Lahaina by 6:45 to check in for our dive.  The drive was a bit quicker than we thought, and the shop opens promptly at 6:45, so we were about 10 minutes earlier than necessary.  (we’ll know better for Friday and Sunday dives with this company.)

The first impressions are important ones with these dive shops/charters, as you spend a day with the crew and the other divers, and you depend on them for safety.  First impressions were very good, indeed; fellow divers quiet, easy, mellow, yet upbeat.  Crew very professional, and not at all overly rah-rah.

The ride out to the site was really quite beautiful...

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