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Monday, April 6

Kona, day 16

Kona, day 16

A bit of website maintenance today, catching up on lots of correspondence (a pleasure to feel connections with folks), and some writing.

We’re both feeling that being here, as nice as it is, can’t go on much longer.  If we were home in NC we could at least keep occupied with re-settling into the house, doing lots of yard work, riding bikes (getting back on my m’cycle), perhaps get moved back into Surf City (though unsure about that just now).  Have begun looking into plans to return when this rental ends April 18, though not yet committed.  Only one flight/day from Honolulu to LAX or to SFO; and only one flight/day from SFO-Greenville with only one stopover.  So, limited choices, for sure...

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Sunday, April 5

Kona, day 15

Another no-sleeper; up since 1, shortly before Pattie finally fell asleep.  Schedules are certainly off.

Started taking a free online (Stanford) course in some computer music software I know and teach, but which I feel rusty on and could use some new exposure to.  Worked on that for a few hours, and found it a good, productive use of time.  I’ll continue that course over the coming week.

A long nap, thankfully, made me feel a bit more alive.  Pattie feeling a tad better today, which is good.  I think we were both a bit afraid…

And Pattie brought up the idea of heading back home on April 18th, rather than staying here longer.  Would be lengthy travel of four flights, layovers in three airports...

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Saturday, April 4

Kona, day 14

A moment from last night’s sunset in Kailua-Kona

A good, unusually long night’s sleep. So long since I’ve slept past 4am, and so very grateful for a full 8 hours.

We spoke yesterday of getting to the harbor to swim/snorkel, and hopefully we’ll do so.

Finally feeling convinced about one of the settings of Jim Brasfield’s Celan, from Jim’s “Infinite Altars

the whisper:

gradual breath

a word, bud
of stem form--

never before
this one,

the return of
the recognizable.   

Will send it off to Sharon, for whom i’ve written it, to see how she feels about it, but probably not before getting to another of that poem’s settings. Feeling as though the larger set will start with this newly written Celan, then

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Thurs-Fri, April 2-3

Kona, days 12-13

Bits of writing these days, mixed in with some walks, yoga, movies and, best of all, correspondence with friends.  Every family/friend that reports safe and sound feels like a victory or sorts. 

Still unable to stay away from daily briefings, but much better watching Cuomo rather than the national task force.  Haven’t heard the president’s voice in about four days, and that’s a huge relief and reduction in frustration.

The daily tolls—death tolls—are just devastating.  The reports from medical staff—just impossible to imagine what they’re dealing with every day, and what they’re somehow able to endure.  Super-human...

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Wednesday, April 1

Kona, day 11

Pattie found this video this morning, and it’s beauty, pacing (and technical accomplishment) has us in awe. It’s been out there for a few years now (2018), so perhaps not new to all readers, but surely worth another viewing.

If you’re interested in a few more minutes with a few tidbits about its making, then watch on…

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Tuesday, March 31

Kona, day 10

for sure, the highlight of the day was seeing this…

Jackson, on the move (thank you for this, Cristin!)

and, really, after that nothing else can make the day anything but full of wonder, love, and yearning to reach out.

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Monday, March 30

Kona, day 9

Received this morning from Allan, who’s out for a walk in Central Park…

Yesterday i was thinking about how our current state of affairs might effect democracy…This screen shot from a NYTimes article today may point the way:

A smile comes our way in the form of a few pictures from NY, as Jackson’s 8 mos. birthday arrives. So very happy to see him thriving and smiling, so happy that we had those two weeks with him and his parents in Maui in February, and missing them dearly. Word is he’s oh-so-close to crawling, and glad that Joe and Cristin are home to both see it when it happens. Talking to Joe about the little things, the baby-proofing of the house, caring for the house and yard…those moments of normalcy are so very welcome and cherished.

And, f...

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Sat./Sun., March 28 & 29

Kona, day 7 & 8

A quiet weekend.  A walk around the area, email and phone connecting with family, friend, and students, a visit from our host—she standing in the parking lot talking to us while we’re up on the second floor entrance, but really just doing what everyone else is doing; hunkering down.

Our host’s next AirBnB reservation isn’t until the Iron Man race in October, so we can certainly stay here.  We just have to make a decision about when to return to NC, then make the travel reservation, and then go through the AirBnB reservation process.  Nice to know the ball’s in our court and there’s no terrific pressure, just the current end-date of April 18...

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Friday, March 27

Kona, day 6

We’ve settled into a routine that feels much like the way we have spent time in Surf City.  We’re used to just staying at home there, really only venturing out for daily walks and groceries; and at home I write, with some tv show or movie on in the background.  Highlights of the days are anything other than the usual routine.

Here, that means correspondence and/or calls with family/friends.  And today brought a welcome video session with Martha, a good catch-up call with Joe, and emails from Chris Nappi and David Glaser—looking forward to talking with them tomorrow about matters both personal and musical.   Thankfully, most everyone is well.  Rachel being moved out of ICU and, hopefully home in about 3 days.

We enjoyed a nice long walk to town, along the waterf...

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Thursday, March 26

Kona, day 5

Here on these islands one of the biggest concerns is always shipping, as nearly everything is shipped in from somewhere else.  Importantly, and creating an almost audible relief around here, the primary shipping company (at least for groceries) has announced that their shipping schedule will continue unchanged.

Hawai’ian Airlines announcing that flights will continue, though somewhat diminished; they’re adding cargo runs to assure that supplies are getting around the islands.  They’ve also announced that flights to the mainland will now be on larger, wide body, planes, to accommodate distancing b/t passengers.

My friend’s wife Rachel is settled into NYU/Langone, and receiving antibiotics to stave off pneumonia...

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